Song of Breakthrough

Written 2015 - Erika Croxford & Chris Quinton

© 2016 Leading Light Music


Verse 1

Bm C# D 

Em Bm A

Bm C# D 

A Em

I was down and I was out

I could not go again

My lonely heart had hit the ground

You pulled me closer

You pulled me closer



Bm A Em

Oh, You’re rising like a flame

Come find me in the fire

Make me as pure gold



G Bm D A

You give me strength to rise again

Strength to go again

When my heart was full of doubt

You’re the one that pulled me out


Verse 2

You swear to me You’ll never leave

Spirit light the way

Your constant grace upon my life

Pulls me closer

It pulls me closer


Bridge 1

G A Bm D

Song of breakthrough I 

Hear You coming like the wind 

Song of breakthrough I

Hear You coming like the wind


Bridge 2

D Em G A

Come like a fire

Come like a flame

Come be our Champion

Win back the day