Written 2013 – Chris Quinton & Erika Croxford

© 2015 Leading Light Music

CCLI 7043557



            F                                         C

Oh the cymbals will crash and the drums will play

G                            Am

Louder and louder still we praise

F        C   G

Glory Hallelujah

            F                               C                

Oh we march as one to the sound of the drum

       G                               Am

We lift up a shout for the King has come

F        C   G

Glory Hallelujah



    F           G         Am

A roar from heaven comes


When join as one



Dm             Am

Hear them sing

        G                  Am

Sing praise, sing praise to their King

Dm             Am

Hear them rise

         G                 Am

Their hearts, their hearts set on fire



Am G    F     F     x4


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